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Franchises now available! Own your own Indian Brothers Restaurant…

Are you stuck in a rut? Or are you looking for a more profitable way to make a living? Perhaps you want to challenge yourself and learn something new… If so, then welcome to Indian Brothers Franchising.

Operating your very own Indian Brothers Restaurant is not hard. It is a process and with our proven simple systems for success, you too can capitalise on the Indian Food craze which is taking the world by storm.

In years gone by, people ate out on special occasions. But as more and more of us are becoming time-poor, we crave tasty food, prepared quickly and within a reasonable budget. Only our Indian Brothers restaurants have the perfect recipe for success.

It is no accident that Indian Food makes a great business idea.

Consider: The North Indian culture is more than 4500 years old. We have been preparing food using the same traditional methods all that time. Our craft has been perfected in a way that no other “business opportunity” can compete with.

If you wonder whether YOU have what it takes to make a success of the Indian Food craze, don’t worry. We help you with everything. We can even supply our traditional gravies and sauces pre-prepared! Only our system ensures that each meal is still prepared freshly without onerous demands upon your time.

Have you ever wanted the ultimate Indian cooking class? Our exclusive system ensures you get the training you need, one-on-one, from the famous Indian Brothers themselves. You see we don’t just want to “sell a franchise”. We want to help you succeed. Unless we can be sure of doing that, we won’t try and sell you anything! It’s our guarantee. Unless you can make the grade, we won’t pressure you to go ahead. Our good name and reputation mean too much to waste on a quick sale.

Finally, it’s important to say that at Indian Brothers Franchising, we are about more than money. Sure a business must be profitable. But our heritage, indeed our culture, is the critical element which drives us forward. We are always aiming to improve. This is quite simply all we do. We are hungry for the opportunity to be the best. That drive, that ambition is an important formula for your success.

Researching better ways to prepare food, enhanced methods of cooking and presentation, all culminate in a market-leading position. This critical element will enable us to grow the Indian Brothers chain in a sustainable way, and in a way that adds extraordinary value to each outlet within the group.

So join us. Make a bold and exciting career move that will define your dreams for success. Create a special place with us in delivering a valuable and rewarding business opportunity. Enquire about investing in an Indian Brothers restaurant today.


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